PicoSure Facial Rejuvenation and Pigment Removal

The face is the most animated part of the body and is the focus of all first impressions. The skin of the face is what makes the impression last. In our youth, our skin is full of collagen fibers that give it the elasticity and the youthful look we long to maintain. But because our skin is open to the nature of weather, sunshine and other things, the cells are more likely to deteriorate. The gorgeous youthful glow and smoothness that we once had turns dull, wrinkled, rough and full of hyperpigmentation as we age.

Genetics play a large role in the way our skin’s texture and coloring look. No matter what we try, some of us are prone to perpetual redness and roughness of the skin that can make us look years older than we are. It’s best that we start taking care of our skin as early as possible, to supplement cell breakdown and skin exposure to the elements. No matter where you are in age there are many ways to keep it from catching up with you, surgically or nonsurgically.

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Our PicoSure skin rejuvenation treatments:

PicoSure Treatment for Acne
Laser technology in the past has been painful and many people don’t care for the process. The results for PicoSure show that all patients exhibit virtually no pain during the process of lessening acne scars from years of being affected by it. PicoSure is unlike any other laser treatment because it’s a more sensitive method of treatment. PicoSure doesn’t send long-time intense heat lasers into the skin, rather small short-lived bursts of thermal energy for full skin rejuvenation and acne treatment. The short bursts of energy are focused on the lessening pigmentation caused by acne and will get rid of the discoloration in just a few treatments. This is a non-surgical method and takes care of the look of your face and body. We know you want to be acne scar free.

PicoSure Skin Rejuvenation
In addition to helping lessen the signs of long past acne scars, PicoSure can target areas with light wrinkling around the eyes, nose, and mouth. The method of thermal energy used by PicoSure, gets to the core of discoloring of skin and removes any pigment changes. Pigmentation can make wrinkles appear worse than they are. First the treatment revitalizes the skin by taking care of the discoloration, and then works on the wrinkles appearance.

The appearance of wrinkles occurs when natural collagen fibers, present in the skin, breakdown and allow the skin to lose its firmness. Once collagen production is lost, the skin begins to wilt like a flower and wrinkles begin to form because skin volume is lost. With the PicoSure treatment, you can see facial rejuvenation at it’s best with a noninvasive method. PicoSure will help the skin to naturally begin reforming some of the collagen fibers. Try out Picosure and set your appointment today.

Taking care of our skin is a priority. What better what to boost your confidence and restore your youth, then to take charge of your skin with some facial rejuvenation and pigment removal? Your face gives away your age so get ahead of the game with some of the latest nonsurgical treatments that are sure to brighten your life. Stress can show all the events of our lives just by leaving a wrinkle on the forehead, a pair by our eyes and some on the corners of our mouths. At Windward Medispa we give the skin every option to thrive and regain its youth once again.

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