ClariVein Treatment

At Windward Vein, we make sure to bring our patients into a welcoming and relaxing environment. Our patient care is the best on the island and we are dedicated to discussing all of our treatment options with you, in detail, so that you are knowledgeable about all procedures, risks, benefits and anything related.

We offer a full consultation for treatment of your varicose and spider vein conditions, offering diagnoses with proper treatment suggestions to ensure your treatment success. Each treatment is delicately administered with the care of our expertly trained medical staff, under the care and supervision of Dr. Sonny Wong. ClariVein is one of our latest state-of-the-art treatments that we perform directly within our clinic. We prefer this treatment as the least invasive and most comfortable treatment, with the highest rate of success.

What is ClariVein and how is it performed?

ClariVein is a form of endovenous therapy that introduces a small device (a very thin flexible spinning wire) into the vein itself to close off stubborn varicose and spider veins. The tiny hollow wire performs two functions, the first is to disturb the inside lining of the vein and the second is to deliver a sclerosant solution to the walls of the vein. During the treatment, the physician will use ultrasound to guide ClariVein into the vein; the vein cannot be entered into blind. Since the treatment requires no cutting or incisions, ultrasound allows the physician to see into the vein at the affected area as if they were inside of the vein surgically.

ClariVein is unlike endovenous laser treatment, which uses heat to kill off the vein. Since there is no heat involved in ClariVein treatment, there is no need for any tumescent anesthesia and none of the risk associated with heat therapies. Aside from the initial injections of numbing, for the entry location of the small needle to insert the wire, treatment is not painful. This topical solution ensures no pain during the surgery but is dependent upon preference.

Compression hose should be worn for two weeks after the treatment. Little to no discomfort is expected after the procedure. Normal activities can be resumed in two days following.

The benefits of CLARIVEIN treatment:

  • No hospital stay
  • Virtually painless
  • Closes off veins completely
  • Tissues surrounding the treatment are not damaged
  • Short treatment time
  • No recovery time
  • No anesthetic

Why choose ClariVein?

Unlike other treatments which use heat or laser to close varicose and spider veins, ClariVein uses a tiny wire and a specific sclerosing solution to close off the vein from the inside and prevents any blood flow from entering the diseased vein. This relatively new procedure is a revolutionary approach to treating varicose and spider veins in a quick yet, painless manner.

What patients love about ClariVein…

The ClariVein method allows doctors to successfully perform the procedure without the need for multiple injections, or heat from laser treatment, meaning there is virtually no pain or bruising. Our patients at Windward Vein love the ClariVein treatment because they can resume daily activities within 48 hours. After treatment, patients are encouraged to wear compression hose for at least two weeks following to help support the treated leg.

This is a quick treatment option for those looking to avoid long recovery and hospital check-in’s. We see many successful results with the use of ClariVein therapy and recommend it to many of our patients. If you feel that you would benefit from this minimally invasive ClariVein treatment, call Windward Vein to setup your free consultation.

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