Spider and reticular veins are unsightly veins that can look like spider webs just beneath the surface of the skin. As we age, most of us will develop them as they are a common vein issue. However, there are some quick fix therapies to help remove them. At Windward Vein we recommend the sclerotherapy method that is painless and non-invasive.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy treatment uses advanced ultrasound imaging to explore veins that are deeper below the surface of the skin. These reticular and spider veins would otherwise require surgery to remove, but not with sclerotherapy. In this procedure the doctor uses ultrasound technology to guide a tiny needle into the affected vein, thereby delivering a solution known as Sotradecol to destroy the lining; this solution causes the vein to scar and seal itself shut.

It should be noted that this procedure works by allowing the body to resorb the affected veins much like a bruise. As a result, mild bruising is to be expected and on rare occasions hard lumps and a brownish discoloration may form where the veins once were. If this happens both of these side effects will heal naturally over time.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy:

  • Quick treatment
  • Targets spider veins
  • Targets reticular veins
  • Painless
  • No incisions
  • No heat
  • No laser

How long does the treatment take?

This type of treatment can usually be completed successfully in less than 30 minutes. Most patients can resume their daily activities within a couple of days, however, compression hose should be worn daily for at least a week after the procedure. Patients who elect to receive this treatment will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment one month later. During this follow up our staff can best determine if a second session is recommended in order to receive optimal results.

If you’re experiencing issues with reticular veins and spider veins, call Windward Vein to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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