At Windward Vein we look to bring our patients the latest of varicose and spider vein treatment to help with any issues they may suffer from. We apply the most effective treatments that range from non-invasive to minimally invasive. Depending on the type of varicose or spider veins you have, and how deep they go, will determine which vein treatments will be suggested for you. During your first consultation and after a detailed medical history is taken from you, we will offer some venous treatment options that will be the most successful.

One of the latest treatments we now offer in our state of the art vein center is the VenaSeal treatment for the sealing of varicose and spider veins. This treatment was approved by the FDA, as many of our treatments are, and is one of the quickest options for treatment and recovery since it takes no time at all. The VenaSeal treatment is one of the many outpatient treatments we offer that will get you in and out of the office in less than an hour, in most cases.

What is VenaSeal?

VenaSeal is recently FDA-approved and is at the top of its class as far as venous therapies go. Once upon a time, all other treatments were difficult for the patient to endure and disruptive to their lifestyle. The varicose and spider vein standard was vein stripping or vein ligation. This method was painful and required up to six weeks of recovery time for patients and also had some complications from time to time. The VenaSeal treatment is one option we offer that rivals stripping and beats laser therapies that use heat to close off the openings of those varicose and spider veins from the flow of blood causing the problem.

VenaSeal is the procedure that requires no cutting into the skin of any kind, no heat for ligation, or sclerotherapy. This method of treatment is amazing because it’s guaranteed to close of the diseased vein for good. Instead of any laser heat, radiofrequency or sclerosing agent, a gel-like fluid is inserted into the vein, and once that fluid is in place it hardens and closes off the vein in question.

Benefits of VenaSeal:

  • Short treatment
  • No compression hose needed after treatment
  • Painless
  • No laser heat
  • No cutting
  • Outpatient treatment
  • No bruising
  • FDA-approved

How does the procedure work specifically?

The VenaSeal procedure requires a physician and staff that are trained in the VenaSeal method, using ultrasound in the imaging of the vein. The ultrasound will help the physician to see all of the intricate twists and turns of the vein before inserting a very small catheter through the skin and into the vein. Since these veins aren’t being cut into with any surgical tools, there is no need for you to check into a hospital for this treatment. We do this procedure directly within our vein clinic.

Once the ultrasound machine finds the perfect entrance point within the varicose vein, the catheter is inserted, and a gel-like substance is released into the vein where it will harden and become a block or stopper in the vein. This gel is like a super glue that hardens within the vein; this super glue is made up of cyanoacrylate which is a common adhesive used in medicine.

The doctor then removes the catheter slowly and inserts more super glue as the catheter moves back out of the vein, sealing it off completely. As the removal happens, there is a constant adding of pressure on the area to help with the sealing off and hardening of the glue in each section of the diseased vein. For those who don’t care for needles, this procedure only requires a small numbing anesthetic; a quick prick from a needle is all it takes, but it’s fast and not noticeable.

What to expect after VenaSeal treatment?

This is the first venous treatment that doesn’t require the use of compression hose for added support after the treatment is administered. The super glue itself is support enough for the vein after treatment and no recovery time is required; this procedure has the quickest recovery with no side effects. Unlike other therapies, there is little to no bruising but significantly less chance of it than with other treatments.

This VenaSeal procedure is used all over the United States and Europe. The VenaSeal treatment is known as the medical super glue for veins. It is effective and offers a less uncomfortable method of treatment, but should only be used for those patients that have smaller surface varicose and spider veins.


Who should not use VenaSeal treatment?

Those who have very large and deep varicose veins should not use this treatment. For patients that have a sensitivity to the glue substance used in this VenaSeal procedure, this is not a compatible treatment as there is only one substance used and no alternative. Also, those who have experienced intense (acute) inflammation of the veins and chronic venous disease that travels throughout the body, are not good candidates for this treatment.

For those of you interested in VenaSeal for varicose and spider vein treatment, and that have veins close to the surface, this treatment is the latest, best developed, and widely used. At Windward Vein we are very happy with the results and our patients love it. Call to schedule your consultation and ask about our VenaSeal procedure.

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