Looking your best has always been the best way to make a first impression a lasting one. Your look is the first thing that can vouch for you when meeting new people or going out for a night on the town. Refining your skin care methods and your healthy lifestyle tactics will pay off to stay ahead of the clock, and the earlier you start, the better. At Windward Medispa, the key to our best-kept secrets is anti-aging injectables that can transform your tired skin into something glorious you may have thought was lost years ago. Looking young and fresh doesn’t depend on your age, but how smart you can be about your methods. Our anti-aging injectables can help you recharge your look by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in addition to boosting volume and contouring all of your most notable features.

The long-standing go to injectable for many years has always been Botox. Everyone you know has heard of it and most people think it’s the only injectable formulated to combat wrinkles, but it’s definitely not the only one. People love Botox because of its notoriety, but what they don’t know is that one of our favorites (it’s European cousin Dysport) is very similar and offers a much more natural lasting effect than Botox. We offer our clients at Windward Medispa both Dysport and Restylane injections which are amazing as stand alone injections but can work together to frame the face and capture all the valid skin concerns. We’ll explain the importance of both of these types of injectables:

Dysport—Natural, Anti-Wrinkle Injection

Dysport is anti-wrinkle injection that requires five points of solution into the muscle to tackle moderate to severe folds in the brow area. For many of our patients that come in looking for Botox injections, many of them present concerns for frozen face, since Botox tends to work so well at immobilizing the muscle that it can make facial expressions difficult. Dysport offers our clients a more natural look that won’t bring about the frozen quality of Botox but instead smooths out the skin where wrinkles occur in the brow area and still allows you to make facial expressions as you wish.

Dysport is abobotulinum toxin formula which is slightly different from the botulinum toxin in Botox. These injections take about 15-20 minutes to take effect, and the effects can start almost immediately, usually in a couple of days for the full result. This Dysport Injectable lasts for about four months and will need to be retreated as needed. During your consultation for Dysport, we will go over the benefits for your particular skin type and concerns. If you want to look young and stress-free without giving away the secret, Dysport is subtle but does the job well.

Restylane—Filler, Plumper, and Anti-Wrinkle Injection

This injectable is revolutionary for those that like to stick with just one type of injection that can handle it all. Restylane has a few different versions of its anti-aging formula to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and folds while acting as a lasting filler and volume booster. To start, most people begin to see lines around their nose and mouth called nasolabial lines as well as Marionette lines around the chin that trail down from the mouth. Laugh lines and tiny remnants of skin’s wear and tear are washed away with Restylane.

The three types are Restylane, Restylane Silk, and Restylane Lyft. The first formula is great for repairing any of the wrinkles we have described by smoothing over the area and calming the skin there. Silk is designed to fill in thinning lips and to create some natural looking contour there that will make the lips pop. Finally, the Lyft solution fills in all the areas of the face that have suffered from severe volume loss. Don’t think of facelifts as the go-to choice for volume loss or sagging skin if you can fix it with a simple injection. Average lasting effects of Restylane are six months, but Lyft and Silk can last up to a full year or longer; these results depend on your skin type, and you can see improvements in a week or so after injection with Restylane.

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