SilkPeel Facials

The SilkPeel facial helps to exfoliate topical layers of skin with a specific diamond tip tool. The tool removes the layers evenly using a “wet abrasion” technique and offers patients painless after peel effects. Your skin is be treated and hydrated at the same time of exfoliation and peel.

Microdermabrasion and other chemical peels can leave you feeling raw and skin looking uneven. The SilkPeel facial is a revolutionary new facial treatment that removes the topical damaged layer of skin without causing painful peel aftershock.

Diamonds Are the Skin’s Best Friend

The SilkPeel diamond tool is designed to evenly treat the damaged layers of skin by using a hydration exfoliation method that takes care of acne prone, dull, and dry skin. Other microdermabrasion or chemical peels are too invasive when removing damaged layers of skin; this diamond tipped exfoliation tool used in SilkPeel ensures that every layer of dead skin is removed evenly and gently. Say goodbye to the days of recovery after an invasive facial peel.

Benefits of the SilkPeel:

  • Brightens skin
  • Skin soothing serums
  • Non-invasive
  • Treats acnes
  • Treats oily skin
  • Removes impurities
  • Customized facial
  • Safe
  • Under 30 min treatment

Is SilkPeel for me?

No matter what type of skin you have, the SilkPeel clears out impurities and leaves skin feeling smooth, even and beautiful. If you’re prone to having oily skin that results in acne, the SilkPeel is for you. The SilkPeel facial will exfoliate topical layers of skin that are damaged, and begin a medicating process to alleviate the acne of deeper layers.

Other facials that are generic, and not customized for the individual, can damage the skin because they don’t target your specific needs. SilkPeel is the opposite. Our skincare professionals at Windward Medispa will review your skin concerns with you beforehand and come up with a SilkPeel treatment that’s right for you.

The SilkPeel facial treatment isn’t only for facial acne, but can be applied to the body as well since acne isn’t confined to one area. The treatment is painless and you will feel the difference in just 30 minutes!

Wrinkles and Discoloration

The SilkPeel facial can help get rid of the dull skin caused by sun damage and aging. The surface layers need to be exfoliated and sloughed away. We then treat the new layers of skin with our medical grade line of hydrating serums and antioxidants to help reinvigorate skin cells. Our skin needs pruning once in awhile, so it’s important that we remove the damaged areas first and start fresh.

Discoloration or pigmentation often comes from skin infections, allergies, sunburns or other skin irritations. Depending on your skin type and environment, you may need a different set of serums and SilkPeel treatment method.

Wrinkles happen when the skin loses volume and can be targeted with the SilkPeel facial. Skip painful surgeries, and instead, try this facial peel that will exfoliate some of the pigmented and wrinkled skin layers. This exfoliation with the diamond tip tool, will remove this discoloration and minimize the appearance of these wrinkles.

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Other facials we offer:

Medical Grade Facials Using Environ Products
Your skin was once radiant and glowing, but aging causes it to lose firmness and wrinkle. This facial is the treatment that incorporates medical grade therapy to get an ‘after the spa day’ glow. Traditional facials fall short because they don’t treat your skin with the essential vitamins and serums it needs to restore the damaged cells.Our medical grade facials use Environ products to target the layers beneath the surface to soften lines, visibly hydrate the skin, and stimulate collagen growth. The essence of vitamins A, B and C will reclaim your youth and restore a natural one-of-a-kind, youthful glow.
Organic Facial
This is our gentlest facial treatment without the use of any chemicals or creams that can cause irritation to the skin. This organic facial was designed for patients enduring cancer treatments that could use some extra love and care, but is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as well.
Acne Therapy
Our acne therapy is treated with the PicoSure tool that removes pigmentation caused by years of acne scarring. There is little to no discomfort.

Nourish your skin and bring it back to life with this revolutionary facial peel that’s the most soothing for your skin. Give yourself the diamond treatment and schedule your appointment at Windward Medispa today.We invite you to come talk with one of our team members at Windward Medispa about your skin concerns. They will recommend the perfect facial that’s right for you.

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