What are breast veins?

Breast veins can begin as bluish-green veins just beneath the surface of the skin around the areola, and can grow into sensitive, ropey varicose veins or branched purple, blue, and red spider veins. Spider veins are often found beneath the breast fold, as skin begins to lose elasticity and stretch. Spider veins in the breasts are not a serious medical issue, but can be unsightly. Varicose veins, on the other hand, can be a sign of a more serious medical issue deep within the skin. Although breast veins appear around the areola, vein insufficiencies can be present anywhere hidden within the chest, arms, or neck regions.

What causes breast veins?

Venous insufficiencies involving the breast veins are fairly common during pregnancy, while nursing, after an augmentation, or simply with aging. Breast veins can become more prominent as blood volume increases during times of stress on the body. Exercise, hormonal changes, and weight gain can cause breast veins to appear in greater frequency.

We understand that our female patients experience discomfort when spider veins show underneath the folds of the breast and around the neckline. At Windward, we offer a set of treatments that can help diminish these breast veins.

How do we treat breast veins?

When you come in for your first consultation with Dr. Wong, an extensive ultrasound examination is done to get a better picture of the affected veins in the breasts. In addition to the breast veins, we explore the chest, neck, and armpit areas should there be any vein blockages or issues causing breast veins to appear. It is important to make sure that we have cleared the area before moving into treatment. At Windward Vein we get to the root of the issue to give our clients the best possible outcome addressing both cosmetic and any potential medical issues.

The problem of breast veins can be solved with a successful foam sclerotherapy or laser ablation treatment. We focus on alleviating pain and the appearance of varicose and spider veins, accomplished after one or two treatment sessions.

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Foam Sclerotherapy

In sclerotherapy treatment, foam sclerosing solution is injected around the areola area outwards; the foam injected into the vein acts as an irritant within the vein, causing the vein walls to react and seal. After the treatment, any previous bulging, bruising, or discomfort will subside within a few days. The procedure is straightforward and free of any significant pain or discomfort.

Laser Ablation

Laser ablation works in much the same way as sclerotherapy to target the affected vein walls and seal the vein from the inside, but instead uses heat energy. This procedure is done in our vein clinic and requires only the insertion of a laser-tipped catheter into the lumen (inner lining) of the vein. The laser heats the vein lining and causes the vein to close off, scar, and begin to re-absorb into the surrounding tissues.

These procedures are minimally invasive and will close off any varicose and spider veins, lessening the appearance, producing a beautiful cosmetic result. We often recommend foam sclerotherapy for larger veins and laser for others. Depending on your particular needs, Dr. Wong will create a custom treatment plan for you.

Call or email us at Windward Vein to schedule your complimentary breast vein consultation and ultrasound.

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