What are breast veins?

Both spider and varicose veins can appear in the breasts, beginning as bluish-green veins just beneath the surface of the skin around the areola. Spider veins, which are not a serious medical issue but can be unsightly, are often found beneath the breast fold, as skin begins to lose elasticity and stretch. Varicose veins, on the other hand, can be a sign of a more serious medical issue deep within the skin.

What causes breast veins?

  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing
  • After augmentation
  • Normal aging
  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Weight gain

How do we treat breast veins?

In your consultation with Dr. Wong, we will do an extensive ultrasound of the breasts, in addition to examining the chest, neck, and armpit areas. At Windward Vein, we get to the root of the issue to give our clients the best possible outcome addressing both cosmetic and any potential medical issues. Breast veins can be treated with a successful foam sclerotherapy or laser ablation treatment. Both procedures are minimally invasive and will close off any varicose and spider veins, lessening their appearance and producing a beautiful cosmetic result.

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Laser Ablation

Laser ablation works in much the same way as sclerotherapy to target the affected vein walls and seal the vein from the inside, but instead uses heat energy. This procedure is done in our vein clinic and requires only the insertion of a laser-tipped catheter into the lumen (inner lining) of the vein. The laser heats the vein lining and causes the vein to close off, scar, and begin to re-absorb into the surrounding tissues

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