Upper Chest Veins

Upper chest spider veins can be prominent and cosmetically uncomfortable, and many chose to lessen the appearance of these prominent veins.

What causes upper chest veins?

  • Weight gain
  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Sun exposure

How are varicose and spider veins in the upper chest area treated?

At Windward Vein, we offer a comprehensive consultation to look for any signs of deeper venous issues. We treat chest veins with various state-of-the-art techniques including sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

Upper Chest Vein Treatments:

Sclerotherapy involves minimally-invasive procedures that require little to no recovery time. Dr. Wong will insert a small needle gently into the affected vein in the chest, and administer a sclerosing agent into the vein that will cause the veins walls to stick together and close off the vein.

Laser therapy is an outpatient, minimally-invasive procedure that requires the insertion of a laser-tipped catheter into the affected vein via a small needle. A small amount of topical anesthetic, if any, will be used to numb the area. The laser is inserted into the vein where heat energy is applied to the walls of the vein; the vein will begin to close as the catheter is removed.

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