Facial Spider Veins

It is not uncommon to develop spider veins in and around your face. Luckily these facial spider veins can be treated at Windward Vein fairly quickly and painlessly, using our world-class spot laser technique. The use of lasers to remove surface spider veins is the best option as they seal the veins, removing them from prime areas of the face.

What causes spider veins in the face?

Many things can cause the appearance of spider veins in the face. They can appear on the nose, around the eyes, on the chin and cheeks. These areas are exposed to the sun and weather conditions which can dilate the tiny blood vessels on those areas. In addition to sun damage and certain skin disorders that cause an addition of blood to flood the facial skin, age is one of the main causes of spider veins.

How many sessions do I need?

Each session takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to one hour. Although results are noticeable after one session, two or three are typically recommended for the best results. Depending on the amount of spider or varicose veins you have in this area, treatment type and frequency will differ. We do our best to make sure that you are treated with little pain and disruption to your life. The laser treatment for facial spider and varicose veins is non-invasive and painless.

Spider veins are normally not a serious medical issue but can be uncomfortable for patients to endure. If you would like to lessen the appearance and remove spider veins from your face, call to schedule your complimentary consultation with Windward Vein today.

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